THE CITY KOBE Featured by Illuzien



650-0003 2-13-6 Yamamotodori, Chuo-ku,Kobe



THE CITY KOBE Featured by Illuzien


2017/09/22 THE CITY KOBE Featured by Illuzien

Barber Feature: THE CITY Hair Cut Service

Illuzien Barber Cape (THE CITY Barber Shop)

This months barber feature is Yuske Onohara, Owner and Barber at  THE CITY located in Kobe City, Japan. Yuske is seen above featuring our RED LV Hair Cutting Cape

The Double-Razor LV design featured in an all-over white on red pattern design. A “Supreme” quality hair cutting cape for sure!

THE CITY Barber Shop

THE CITY is located at: Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City 2-13-6 Yamamoto Town, Xinhua Mansion 101 and can be contacted by phone at 078-862-3339.  The design and styling of this shop is off the hook. We love the decor and over all look THE CITY barber shop portrays. The exposed brick with the vintage look but new age feel has certainly caught our eye. Props to Yuske for supporting the illuzien brand and what looks to be a destination barber shop for a sharp and clean cut. 

THE CITY Barber Shop

THE CITY offers a variety of barber and hair cutting services as well as Shampoo, Color, and Perms. An american style Barber Shop in the heart of Japan. You can book your appointment online or learn more about their barber and hair cutting services at

the city barber shop

Check out their Instagram Page or the Online Shop for some Dope tee’s.



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兵庫県神戸市中央区山本通2-13-6 新華マンション101
TEL 078-862-3339
Weekday 12:00~22:00
Weekends 10:00~19:00
Closed 火曜日(不定休)